Montessori Workshop



DATE : 17TH October 2015

RESOURCE PERSON : Dr.Jitendra Nagpal M.B.B.S,MD(Psy),D.N.B(Psy)


“ Parenting is more of a cultivated art than a biological inheritence.”


The 2nd Parent Advocacy  workshop for  Montessori I and  II was held in the school Auditorium on 17th October 2015. The workshop began with the welcome address by our School Principal,Ms.Asha Prabhakar. She laid emphasis on holding such workshops from time to time in order to equip the parent community with the new developments and latest researches in the field of Child Development.  

Dr.Jitendra Nagpal , an eminent name in the field of Child Psychology and Counselling, conducted an informative and interesting session with the parents regarding the parental challenges faced by them on a day to day basis. The topics covered during the workshop were health and hygiene, developmental concerns and collaborating with school.

The workshop provided the strategies and important points to be kept in mind while handling young children in order to contribute towards their holistic growth and development . Dr.Nagpal stressed upon the need for continuous emotional nurturing of a child and understanding things from his/her point of view to promote confidence and self esteem.

The session concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by our School Principal,Ms.Asha Prabhakar .After the wonderful session by Dr.Nagpal, Ms.Sarika Passi Headmistress(Montessori) addressed the parents regarding Montessori routine, discipline, wearing of proper school uniform, visiting the school website for latest updates and circulars, food habits and benefits of reinforcement of concepts taught in the classrooms. She requested all the parents to contribute towards the comprehensive growth of their children by providing their support in all the


endeavors and initiatives taken up by school from time to time. She also proposed a vote of thanks to the parent community for having taken time out in order to attend this workshop. The workshop was highly appreciated by all the parents and they indeed look forward to many such workshops in future as well.




Report on Parent Advocacy Workshop 09 May 2015

Report on Role Play (ISA Activity)




Bal Bharati Public School, Noida organized a Parents Advocacy Workshop for the parents of the tiny – tots of Montessori – I , Montessori – II and Class – I on 2 of August 2014 .

The very interactive and informative session commenced with the address by the Principal, Mrs. Asha Prabhakar, who enlightened the parent community by throwing light on issues of major concern, primarily the safety and security of the small kids in and outside the school. Putting special stress on choosing the safest mode of transport. The Principal guided the parents to teach their child the difference between good touch and bad touch.

Thereafter the teachers from Montessori and Primary dept. provided essential tips on :

  • Healthy Tiffin items and healthy eating habits.
  • School transport.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Weight of school bag.
  • Using the school almanac for parent – teacher communication.

A wonderful array of tasty and nutritive mini meals were on display. Parents participated enthusiastically on sharing recipes to make the event meaningful.

The H.M.(Pr.) explained the Mismuster policy and addressed clarifications regarding absenting from U.T. if the child was unwell .

The large number of parents present in the auditorium spoke volumes about their interest and appreciation of the workshop. 

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