Primary Orientation Day 2016

DATE: 2nd April, 2016
An Orientation program for the parents of Class-I students, session 2016-17 was held on 2nd April 2016 in the school Auditorium from 9:15 am to 11:00 am.
The Orientation was designed to provide insights to the parents about the teaching and learning methodology in primary school and the differences compared to Montessori play way learning.
Mrs. Vinaya Pujari (HM Primary) welcomed the parents and explained the importance of such an interaction. Thereafter Ms. D. Khanna the Class representative (Cl-I) and her co-teachers shared information about the school curriculum, school policies, smart turn out, books and the stipulated bag weight, swimming essentials (a life skills based activity), safe travel guidelines, importance of visiting school website regularly etc. to facilitate better understanding of primary school functioning and to expect better cooperation from the parents.

The school Counsellor Ms. A Gaur advised parents to help their children to develop healthy toilet habits at an early age. She also spoke about the importance of sensitizing children about the good touch and the bad touch to prevent child abuse at any point of time.



All queries of the parents were answered through an interactive session at the end.

A sneak peep into the Orientation program:

Primary Orientation 2016


A good turnout of around 200 parents made the Orientation Program a huge success.
Report submitted by: M.Panwar & V. Kaul



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