WORKSHOP on 'From Confusion to Clarity'


Conducted by- R. Nagar

Class –IX- X

The following points were explained and discussed-

1) Physical development -Adolescence is a time of considerable physical and psychological growth and change! PUBERTY is the period when sexual organs mature, beginning earlier for girls than for boys. Girls begin puberty about 11 or 12; boys begin at 13 or 14.

Obesity-Obesity is a common concern during adolescence. The psychological consequences of adolescent obesity are severe since while body image is a key focus. Potential health consequences of obesity are also of concern

2)Cognitive development-Egocentrism in Adolescent Thinking

ADOLESCENT EGOCENTRISM is a stage of self-absorption where the world is seen only from one's own perspective. Thus adolescents are highly critical of authority figures, unwilling to accept criticism, and quick to find fault with others. Adolescent egocentrism helps explain why teens often think they’re the focus of everyone’s attention!

3)Career goals - SWOT analysis -STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPURTUNITY, THREAT were discussed.

4)Some concerns-

ADDICTIVE DRUGS produce a biological or psychological dependence in users, leading to increasingly powerful cravings for them. The number of teen smokers is substantial!

Sexually Transmitted Diseases AIDS is one of the leading causes of death among young people! AIDS (ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME) a sexually transmitted disease, produced by the HIV virus and has no cure and ultimately causes death. AIDS is a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids (usually sexual contact).

What should you do as an adolescent?

  • Discuss with someone you trust or look up to- a parent, teacher, sibling, senior or a friend,
  • Stay focused on your goals, be realistic, Build a road map, you are important.


A career conclave was held in the school premises for students of Cls X-XII on 15 May 2014. The event was organized by Centre for Career Development. The aim of the programme was to equip our students with information about various careers and their prospects.  The programme included talk by experts on various careers like designing, commerce related careers, defence, careers in science and making the students aware about options to study abroad.  A parent orientation programme was held by Mr. Jitin Chawla, Career Counselor to inform the parents about various conventional and upcoming career fields. 

The career fair focused on introducing career options related to all the streams that are being offered in school namely Science, Commerce and Humanities. The students participated enthusiastically and gathered information from the experts as well as from various stalls that were put up by institutes and colleges.



“I like things to happen. And if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.” – Winston Churchil.

With loving care, support and guidance a child can achieve milestones and become a shining star. With this in view our school organized, the annual Career Advisory Programme for students of Cls IX-XII, in collaboration with the Edu solutions Pvt. Ltd. on 31st Oct 2013 in the school premises. The Principal, Ms. Asha Prabhakar welcomed the guest speaker Ms. Aastha Virk Singh (Counselling Psychologist) and other speakers from Aakash Institute, Pearl academy, IIHM, ISBF.   They all provided the students with information about the various options in India and abroad. Each institute emphasized the fact that we have to learn to enjoy our job hence we need to identify our strengths and choose a career accordingly.

Experts from defense forces institute, hospitality industry, fashion industry, designing industry, theater industry, Law College, various universities of India and abroad etc. provided information to students about entry criteria and job opportunities in their respective fields. Around 18-20 career stalls were on display. Stalls put up by different organizations provided information on various careers. Students from DAV, Noida also visited the career fair.




A workshop for the parents was conducted on 03 Aug 2013 in the School Auditorium by the School Counselor and the Special Educators of the school.  The topic was ‘Parental Involvement for the Growth and Development of the Child”.  The parents were guided on various issues.  However, the emphasis was laid on the role and responsibilities of the father towards the child.  The parents were also briefed upon the importance and relevance of toilet training and toilet mannerism to be taught at this age.

Montessori File

One teacher representative from each class also shared concerns regarding the class room proceedings and the way the parents can be assisting the teachers in the school.

It was an interactive workshop during which the parents shared their own experiences and views with everyone.


Education in the present era has undergone a radical change and it is all pervading.  In an attempt to match steps with the technological advancements, we are losing out on the basic human values.  The need of the hour is to inculcate strong moral values and empower the youth with basic life skills.
In the pursuit of the same the school held a workshop on the 'Need and Relevance of Value Education' on 25 April 2013 by reverent Swami Shantatmanadji Maharaj for the Classes VIII-XII.  The session was very engrossing and students learnt ways to give value-based response to the actual life situations.

With the increased dependence on technology, kids today have shown a never satiating interest in Internet and its usage.  Various social networking sites have become part of the lives of adolescents of today.  Therefore the School organized a Workshop to educate the students on "Internet Abuse and Cyber Laws" Mr. Pawan Duggal, an eminent and very experienced Advocate, Supreme Court, also a cyber law specialist, took an engrossing session for the students and teachers of IX-XII.  The session was an eye-opener for everyone towards the facts and realities of the virtual world was an eye-opener for everyone towards the facts and realities of the virtual world to which most of the adolescents are part of in today's times.  He also discussed various cases related to abuse of Internet and the consequences of violating the cyber laws.

Alarm Call

This is to bring to your kind notice about an Institute which is conducting the Dermatogyphic Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA). The Institute of Multiple Intelligence Station (IMIS), Noida, Proprietor Ms Anisha Anand had approached our school with the proposal to assess the Multiple Intelligence of the students using biometric scans.

The school accepted the proposal on the trial basis, for 2 of our special children. However the reports received through the biometric assessments could not be correlated with the psychological reports of experts. Therefore, the proposal could not be taken forward.

It is intended to inform you that school is in no agreement with the institute for the Biometric Assessments.

Any Such Reference Made May Be Deemed As Unauthentic And Should Be Brought To School’s Notice.

Career Advisory Programme

The school organized a Career Advisory Programme for its students of Classes IX – XII on 05 November 2012. The programme was held to help students to understand and analyze their skills, abilities and potential. Latest career options were also discussed by the Career Counselling expert Mrs Usha Albuquerque. This was followed by a career fair, in which several eminent institutes and universities had come to educate the students on various professional and non-professional courses.

Counseling and Guidance Department

Counseling and guidance department in our school works towards enabling students in learning to deal with challenges, empowering them to overcome obstacles and to be able seize every possible opportunity that lies on their way to be successful. The department is constantly working in helping students by undertaking various workshops and activities. Since child is not developing in isolation but in a system, therefore the family and the school system is considered together and appropriate counseling is extended to the individuals. The following services are provided by the department for the students from Montessori-I to class XII

  • Individual or Group Counselling for
    • Behavioural Problems
    • Academic problems
    • Emotional problems
    • School related issues
    • Adolescent difficulties
  • Career Counselling to
    • Assist students in gaining insight into their strengths and weakness in areas such as skills, abilities, interests, aptitude etc.
    • Provide information about avenues in different fields both within India and abroad.
  • Educational Counselling to
    • Educate students about scientific study techniques, time management strategies and organizational skills
    • Provide tips for enhancing memory and concentration
  • Workshops and talks for Students and Teachers
    • Orientation Programmes for Teachers to empower them with strategies based on psychological principles for improving classroom discipline
    • Workshops for Students to teach anger management skills, assertiveness training, sensitization about child rights and child abuse.

Yearly Schedule Of Career Counselling Cell 2014-15

April 2014
Etiquettes & Good Manners
Career Counselling and Guidance Week
May 2014 Child Abuse
July 2014
Coping with Emotions (Anger Management)
Coping with Emotions (Grief, Loneliness, Rejection)
August 2014 Substance Abuse
September 2014
Emerging Career Choices : Career Fair
October 2014 Cyber Crime
December 2014 Handling Exam Stress
January 2015 Peer Presure
February 2015 Time Management

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