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Teacher Exchange Programme

Knowledge pervades barriers, transcends cultures and binds people together. Keeping in mind the ever widening horizon of learning and a global vision to enrich the teaching community in the international back-drop, the school engaged in a teacher Exchange in collaboration with Cleveden Sec. School, Glasgow, UK, wherein Mschaschke, Biology teacher, visited school from 21st October to 25th October, 2013 as a part of British Council Connecting Classroom partnership programme.

Ms. MSchaschke visited different labs in the school and saw students performing various experiments and she tried her hand at some. She spent some quality time with the tiny tots. She was amazed by the little prayers that the students recited before their lunch and the way they learnt numbers through abacus and beads. Ms. MSchaschke was very eager to understand how the teaching process in India is different from that of Scotland. To fulfill that purpose we took her to the different classrooms of our school where she saw students being taught in an informative and interactive manner. She attended the school assembly and was amazed that different themes were presented every week and students got an opportunity to share their views. Ms. MSchaschke was impressed by the orderly and disciplined working of the school.

Visit to Japan 

My trip to Japan was under an exchange programme which was very memorable for me. We tried to learn a lot about the lifestyle, traditions and culture of Japan which was really fun. We visited schools, universities, museums, malls, offices, historical places, etc. to learn about the great country. The people were very polite, shy , punctual and eco friendly as well. The best part of the 10 days trip was my home stay with the host family. This trip was really special and I will never forget it and I would like to thank the school for providing me with this opportunity.

Osheen XI A

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